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 Safety, Health & The Environment 
Safety, Health & The Environment

Safety Is Our Priority

Here at RAHNS Construction Materials Co. (RAHNS) our highly knowledgeable and experienced Safety Team takes great care to educate all employees on the safety procedures that have been put into place to ensure a risk-free work environment. Whether it is an active nighttime paving project, an intricate demolition project or an office workstation, RAHNS emphasizes safety at every turn.

RAHNS stays current with the very latest Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) rules and regulations. These procedures are implemented by our Safety Team, whose dedication keeps each one of our workplaces safe and risk free with unyielding consistency.

Our employees, customers and clients all anticipate a 24/7 Safety presence, and RAHNS never fails to deliver on our goal of keeping everyone’s minds at ease.
Environmental Consciousness

RAHNS Construction Materials Co. (RAHNS) is firmly committed to making sure all business practices are carried out with constant awareness of our duty to be environmentally responsible.