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 Our People 
Our People

A structure is only as only as solid as the materials that comprise it, and the same is true of a company and its workforce. Built upon a foundation of people who are motivated to do outstanding work, value their careers and care for their communities, RAHNS Construction Materials Co. (RAHNS) successes all spawn from within. By cultivating an employee family based on the promise of challenging, rewarding work and a guarantee of a safe work environment, we have ensured a sustained run of success. 

We here at RAHNS are proud of our highly qualified, vigorously motivated workforce that is impervious to outside adversity. As we move forward, our objective will remain the same as it ever was: Entrust our work to exceptional people in order to yield an exceptional result. 


  • An equal opportunity workplace free from discrimination, fortified by a diverse and all-encompassing hiring process that gives anyone a fair chance at employment.
  • A rewarding workplace where every single member of our employee family is free to perform their work in accordance with the common good of society and natural law.
  • A workplace that provides both comprehensive and competitive benefits that will support our employees and their families.
  • A work environment free from any type of harassment whatsoever.
  • Impeccable health and safety standards.
  • Required and/or desired training sessions that will assist them in performing their work to the peak of their abilities.
  • The resources to put themselves on a track towards higher opportunities within the company.